Insaine Caine was born Brandon McConnell on July 8, 1991 in a small town outside of Dallas Texas, after his father was murdered in a drug deal gone bad him and his mother moved to a rough neighborhood in North Las Vegas. Caine was diagnosed around the age of seven with ADHD, ODD, ADD, general anxiety disorder, and depression. He believes if he would’ve had the chance he could been able to grow out of being a hyperactive kid without narcotics which he believes is why he has what he has today and need the meds he needs. He states, “Giving a seven-year-old developing mind the equivalent to Amphetamine in a pill does not surprise me why my brain and system needs them to function today as an adult.” It’s part of his image of insanity but speaking out as one who’s been through it his goal is to make 51-50 or ‘commit’ yourself, to have a new meaning or ‘slang’ if you will, “To be in the best you that can be, and having the best life you could have like you commit yourself to the hospital when you need help, don’t be afraid to get help.” he says.

After losing the only father figure he knew to marital issues, (the only figure that he knew as a dad which brought his sister into his life) Insaine Caine ended up in central California were his mom Worked as a nurse and started dating, causing men to come in and out of their lives. Caine entered teenage hood. Naturally he rebelled and had a mother that dealt with him by calling the police if he didn’t do what she wanted. Constant fighting constant yelling. His only escape, MUSIC. When Caine turned 13 he started meeting people of the older age and a strange thing happened when he did so. He found that his mentality more match those 5 - 10 and as of today 20 - 30 years older than him and all these people have said in discussion that he has always had an ‘old soul’. Now due to all the drama in the home he naturally roamed around the streets, Caine’s associates caught rides to parties on the weekends with Caine behind the wheel. He discovered that his mom slept so hard he managed to snag her keys and take off into the night with homies 17,18, and 20 years old. He loved the hustle and ended up using that as his sole income through 19 years old, dealing primarily in marijuana but would dabble here and there if it meant he could make money.

Hustle was always on his mind, it was a rush and it felt good distracting from the chaos he felt in his mind. Not very long but his trouble with the law turn serious. Became a ward of the court just after turning 14 and did stents in and out of juvenile hall all the way up till his release of probation at 18. Through these times he knew nothing but chaos, and the only thing that kept him grounded through these times was his first love, and MUSIC.  His love that was for three years was lost, due to the continued chaos around him and in his mind. With the loss of the love of his life who kept him grounded through times that could have made him a statistic.

He needed to just GO, somewhere else it didn’t matter where. With some family help Insaine Caine went to Ventura county only wanting a fresh start where he knew nobody and nobody knew him. He met good people in Ventura but still, do to the chaos in his mind he needed to smoke weed he needed to drink beer and the drinking was a major problem due to how it processed in his system. His families help required attending college so he attempted some certification courses, but it just wasn’t who he was he is. MUSIC is who he is. Through all these times of chaos in 19 years of his life, (besides the love of his life) there was one thing that he knows, and says helped save his life growing up, and that was MUSIC. Insaine Caine always loved hip-hop, discovered he had a passion for slick rhymes and could write well at 11 yrs. old. He taught himself multiple music software programs and eventually with hustle money at age 14 bought some studio time at a professional studio and recorded his first professional recorded song called ‘Take It to The Floor”.

 As the years went on from then he would master his production skills, recording abilities, vocals and his unique style unlike any others. “I’m not just a rapper,” he says, “I don’t just get up and run my mouth on the mic. I create and compose the melodies and the beats that you hear in my songs, as well as record, mix, and master. I’m not perfect but I believe I found a good sound and it’s working.” Caine’s depression, and just everything that had gone on, hit rock bottom one drunken night when he took a knife to his arm which resulted in the loss of 400 mL of blood and 50 stitches. He barely survived that night. being on the phone with his grandma to say goodbye is what saved him with a call to 911 from where she was, all the way in Nevada. That became the moment his family didn’t know what to do and he lost any support and, was somewhere he’d only been for about a year and a half, so he ended up on the streets for two years. It wasn’t the type of, “on the streets,” that some people claim when going through rough times. He slept on the concrete in a sleeping bag under bridges and near parks. NO car NO money, only hustle and bustle.

 He learned quickly, almost everybody on the streets was using drugs and he understood why. To take the edge off of course but mostly to escape the reality of their situation. He did the same, Heroine, Meth, it didn’t matter, only difference is he middle manned till he worked up to his own weight to pitch. For two years the streets he walked with no contact with his family or anybody from his past. He always had a feeling inside him that this wasn’t it for him. As he used and roamed the streets he knew in his mind the reality that the drugs in the state of mind you have on the streets there’s almost no escape, and keeps in trapped in that situation usually for life. The only thing that eventually pulled him out after two years on the streets was the drive to get back in the studio behind the mic in behind the soundboard. MUSIC.

From recently, (2015-2018) to now Caine has been an advocate for recovery, He’s made connections and even got to write up, create, and direct a sober living program (recovery house) called Journey Sober Living. At the same time a student, and a Community Coach working with developmentally disabled. ALL WHILE PUSHIN MUSIC.

Near the end of 2017, Insaine Caine started overwhelming himself doing too much at once and depression started sinking in. He knew in his heart what was wrong. The 9-5 lifestyle started taking over, and he feared how music would end up a lost dream. “You have to put 100% of your focus into music, as well as have money to put behind it, to really give yourself a chance. It’s just the reality,” says Caine,

Insaine Caine gives it all to God for letting him survive the streets and giving him his voice, as well as perfect timing. His family came to see him and was informed that his Grandmother (getting up there in age) really needed Caine to come live with to help her with things she can’t do. Off to Las Vegas he went.

Not long after arriving Insaine Caine found people to invest in his music, for its not just Insaine Caine, but his new record label: Insainity At Its Finest Ent. LLC, where he is hungry to find more underdog musicians and bands to add to his label’s family


All said, he’s decided that through his music he needs to use his voice for struggles, people that he dealt with, and met along the way, the hustle, lockup, mentally ill, and the streets. Caine especially says that he needs to resonate with his millennial base.

Millennials today so mislead, Caine wants to use his music to try to get those younger, to avoid the things and choices that he made. “I really shouldn’t be here," he says, “I’m so lucky to still be here and talking today, and hip-hop contains rough subject matter at times but the message in my music is ultimately, you don’t want to make those choices, be yourself to the fullest, find what makes you happy, respect others and be the best you, that you can be." That is his message for today’s youth for more details find an Insaine Caine song and press play, and get lost in the music and the message of reality.